Created: Tuesday, 06 September 2005 Written by Chato
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The arcane technology needed for DIY OZ government.
One of several recipes for making homunculi. "Let the semen of a man putrefy
by itself in a sealed cucurbite
with the highest putrefaction of
venter equinus for forty days, or
until it begins at last to live,
move, and be agitated, which can
easily be seen. At this time it
will be in some degree like a
human being, but, nevertheless,
transparent and without a body.
If now, after this, it be every
day nourished and fed cautiously
with the arcanum of human blood,
and kept for forty weeks in the
perpetual and equal heat of
venter equinus, it becomes
thencefold a true living infant,
having all the members of a child
that is born from a woman, but
much smaller. This we call a
homunculus; and it should be
afterwards educated with the
greatest care and zeal, until it
grows up and starts to display