Increasing Madness in the Capitalist West

Friday, 02 August 2013 By Karl Jnr

I was reading this article the other day.


It seems the rate of looniness is rising in the US. High rates of depression, schizophrenia, or just plain old madness is increasing. And I am sure it is reflected in other countries that follow the US model of the economy.


Having often visited that country I can attest to the psychological instability of its inhabitants. And I am not talking about the fact they like to play with guns. Driven mad by nonstop marketing exhortations to do better, buy more, to suckceed; your average Yank, already as thick as two planks, is trapped in a whirlpool of desire, envy, and greed. And all this with the fear that some other Johnny Come Lately will steal their share of the pie. A pie which continues to shrink to a crumb for the vast majority of that woebegotten countries residents.

jungs id


Jung's representation of the dickless Capitalist Id


What about in the Land of Oz? Are we free from this Madness Epidemic? Well we know here the whining never ends; about the reffos, the levies, … but is it justifiable?


Why can’t we just harden the fuck up?


Fact is that it will not abate. This madness is a necessary symptom of the Capitalist system. You must buy. You must strive endlessly. You must treat the others as your ‘competititor’; as someone you cannot trust.

It is the logical end of it all.


The only solution to the madness? Change the system; and do it with extreme prejudice. …

karl snr


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