Brisbane Rules at the Gabba

Monday, 30 June 2003 By YUGO
Lethal Leigh has created a wonderful team up there in peanut land. Their determination to get 3 Grand Finals in a row is clear and unrelenting. They will do anything to get there. During the first quarter he even instructed his team to let Richmond run free so he could analyse their game plan. Then the Lions turned it o­n and there was no looking back. Richmond looked like becoming a threat in the third quarter so the Lions hierarchy made full use of their home ground advantage and by imitating US tactics in Iraq they took out the oppositions Command and Control infrastructure by disrupting the communications of the opposition and taking out the phone lines and headsets so that the Richmond coach’s box could not communicate with the bench during the crucial third quarter. The Brisbane Lions are a great team but looks like they have buried any semblance of decency, honour and fair play along with the Fitzroy name. OK fair enough I was for the Tigers but if you try to give me the "sour grapes" response I'll laugh in your face and spit in your meat pie. It's outrageous what was done and shows that Brisbane will do whatever they can get away with o­n and off the ground.They should have given that prick Ackermaniac that goal he soccered off the ground though. Too bad about the General but I hope he's out for the rest of the year. I hope the Lions get to the final and then get trashed. It's what they deserve.
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