Wednesday, 10 November 2004 By Den1

Australian Test vice captain Adam Gilchrist could find himself the centre of a police investigation after a Bendigo chicken store was robbed of it takings on Saturday night with the only clue left behind being a mouldy old wicketkeeping glove.

Seventy year old Chicken Hut owner Mr Reg Berry says he's mistified why the test keeper is still walking the streets after finding what he says is conclusive evidence that Gilchrist was the mastermind behind the daring heist.

"Who else could it be?" he said holding up the glove which police say has no bearing on the case.
A frustrated Mr Berry fears that the lack of police action may be just another example of police corruption with celebrities getting the special treatment.

"It's the same as the time I reported Bert Newton for stealing a packet of chewing gum" he said.
Local security guard and aspiring policeman Jim Duggan was also in the store when Gilchrist struck but didn't get a clear look at him as he'd taken up a strategic position "underneath the table".

"I only saw his feet" he said "but I did get a look at the driver of the getaway car".

Duggan describes the driver as being about fifty years old wearing a grey hat with dark glasses his face hidden behing a heavy grey beard.

"It was Ricky Ponting" he said.

Bendigo policeman Kev Wellsby who after twenty years of loyal service to the force has seen him rise to the lofty rank of constable broke the silence surrounding the case saying that he had trouble finding a motive behind the crime his gut instinct telling him the whole things a set up.

"Someone's gone through a lot of trouble to pin this on Adam Gilchrist" said the wiley veteran. "The glove, the Ricky Ponting lookalike it's all to convenient for me".

Constable Wellsby has drawn up a list of suspects and is hoping to travel to Melbourne this week to speak to the one person he says capable of such diabolical rat cunning.

"It's that Warney bloke" he said

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