Is it not written?

Sunday, 15 April 2007 By Ayatollah Getaholder
That the pecker-head is assembled like the God-head?

The shaft holds the faith; the knob the ideas; and the hole the cum that makes you holy.
The balls swing like incense burners...

"There is no God but the God in here."

Is it not written so?

The mighty scribes of old got sore hands from trundling out their Master's visions. Thin bony hands held feathers dipped in childrens blood and they wrote down the bullshit.

I'm not too special. But I've heard all the truth, from all the truth tellers. And I'm sure my opinion is as good as any others...

My Cock is God....My Cock is God...My Cock is Good...My Cock is now Goo...

Is it not written?

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