Friday, 08 March 2002 By Max Gross


No wonder those belligerant, two-faced, sniveling, flag-waving, gun-toting, self-congratulating, pissant wanker Yanks are whining!

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been described a borderline Marxist with a strong military background.

And he is righting the wrongs that have plagued that struggling Latin American nation since its emergence as a major oil-producing power. Picture Preview

With the 1998 democratic election of Hugo Chávez - a former army paratrooper and leader of a failed coup in 1992 against the previously corrupt regime - Venezuelan voters cast their votes for radical change.

For Venezuela's poor, the election had the satisfaction of seeing the two parties that have licked the arses of the the wealthy elite for the past 40 years wiped from the political map.

The masses had taken to the streets with a simple slogan: "We are hungry."

Since being elected President, Chávez has rewritten the nation’s constitution and reorganized the main state-run oil company, long a sink-hole of corruption and inefficiency.

What's more, Chavez is defending Venezuela’s long-suffering underclass.

When pushed by powerful business and political interests to evict squatters from abandoned and unused buildings in the nation’s capital, Chávez refused.

Chavez has declared: "So much riches, the largest petroleum reserves in the world, the fifth largest reserves of gas - God, the immensely rich Caribbean Sea. All this, and 80 percent of our people live in poverty. What scientist can explain this?"

Don't ask a scientist, President Chavez. Ask George Dimwit Bush and his malignant cronies!

The wealthy Central and South American elites have a long and bloody tradition of whacking their most outspoken critics, usually with the enthusastic assistance of the USA.

As an Latin American leader willing to confront class issues, Chávez represents a clear challenge not only to the established ruling class in Venezuela but to the real power elites that run the globe at the expense of the Third World, the working poor and the unemployed: the USA.

Chávez may be the man with the vision to move an independent Venezuela forward, and narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.

However, the fact that the Yank Rogue State relies on Venezuela as its second biggest supplier of oil no doubt has George Dimwit Bush and his crooked minders plotting.

This is Max Gross for Xenox News on-line, and I'm not the only one sick of the Yanks pissing down my neck and calling it rain!

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