Israeli PM Netanyahu - A prophet of the War on Terror

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 By Patriot

Long before that dastardly day of Islamofascist terror on September 11 2001 a lone voice of reason was predicting the dangers the civilised world was facing. The owner of that voice? Current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.


In this interview broadcast on American TV on October 27 1995, you can hear PM Netanyahu predict that the madness of Islamofascism was going to cause an international "War on Terror".


Unlike Israel, the West now lacks leaders with the foresight and courage to stand up to the evil men of Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Tehran. We have US President Obama, seemingly more concerned with not upsetting these people than fighting them. And what a disaster Australia's PM Julia Gillard has been. She seems totally out of her depth when it comes to fighting terrorism and international diplomacy.


These men are laughing while President Obama and PM Gillard play footsie with their leaders.


The recent release of the memoirs of PMs Blair and Howard, and of President Bush, only heightens the obvious inadequacies of the current leaders in the War on Terror. This trio of freedom fighters knew what was right and were unafraid and bold enough to act on their convictions.


That surely cannot be said for our current weak and confused left wing leadership.


God bless,



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