Peaceniks Flee War

Thursday, 06 March 2003 By Patriot

The so-called human shields who entered into Iraq with much fanfare have decided to leave now that things are hotting up in the Gulf! Showing all the backbone of a true leftist, this group of do-gooders have slunk out of Iraq in the last few days as they realised that the US and UK were no longer going take the bullying from the butcher of Baghdad.

"We only came for the publicity" confessed Barbara Fulton to Xenox News. Ms Fulton, who led a contingent of 5 Kiwis to Iraq, was boarding the last plane from the Iraqi capital when we caught up with her.
I asked her about the solidarity they hoped to show with the Iraqi people:
"Well it's not what we really expected here. They wanted us to guard his missile sites not the hospitals!"
Well what did you expect you ding-a-ling! You’re dealing with one of the most brutal dictators in history! If these deluded fools now realise that the only liberation for the people of Iraq is via a US led crusade, how long will it take for the rest of the chattering classes to wake up?
Freedom for Iraqis now!
Down with despots!

And god bless our brave troops as they now stand ready to free an entire people from centuries of enslavement and superstition.

(live from Kuwaiti City!)

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