Friday, 20 May 2005 By Chato
LABOR premiers prepare to hand
states over to federal control The puzzled premier of N.S.W.,
Bog Carp, tried to explain how
this situation had developed:

"Well, the first thing was the
GST, we must have been out to
lunch when the Prime Misery dumped
that one on us - he sure took us
for a ride!"
"Now, this thing with the ports
has us all confused again - I
think we premiers are just unable
to counter the brilliant moves of
P.M. Judas Horror - we are just
not smart enough!"
"He has won, we are defeated, and
we must hand the states over to
his control."

In his gracious victory speech the
slobbering anus-sucking horror
from Hell gave his view of things:

"This is a great victory for the
Howardland and the Axis forces!"
"I always knew those losers and
bludgers would surrender to my
personal charisma and compassion."
"I expect signed confessions from
them, and a gracious acceptance of
their imminent brutal executions."

Well-paid loser and federal
opposition leader Kim Beastly gave
his analysis of events:
"The P.M. has never had any
trouble fooling me, so I give him
my full support."
"Well done Judas, well done!"
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