Feral Texas Chimp Masturbates in Public

Tuesday, 18 March 2003 By Max Gross


As the world demands peace, US Presidunce George Enron Bush, the most powerful ignoramus on earth, continues to piss on our heads and call it rain. Raving reporter Max Gross pops a can and vents his spleen. 


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Once again the salivating Texas chimp had the gall to dredge up the insulted dead of Halabja , murdered by Saddass Hussein, as one of the justifications for attacking Iraq.

During his phoney "Summit" in the Azores, meeting with the (dead)heads of Britain, Spain (?) and Portugal (?!!), the Pretzel Prez used the occasion to repeat the lie about US war aims.

Attempting an embarrassing air of gravitas, narrowing his eyes like a Clint Eastwood cowboy caricature, and praying to his bloodthirsty god not to fluff his lines, Dumbya again claimed the planned US invasion of Iraq was to promote democracy, to protect the rights of minorities, and to rid the region of weapons of mass destruction.

Oh the stench of deceit and hypocrisy!  

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 Will the United States of Amnesia also threaten to attack Saudi Arabia and other US allies which have similarly un-democratic regimes?

Will the US attack Turkey over the brutal repression of its Kurdish minority and of the Kurds in Northern Iraq? The Turkish airforce regularly bombs Kurdish communities there.

Will the US attack Israel or Pakistan, both of which each have hundreds of nuclear weapons and pose a far greater threat to global peace and stability?

No, of course not, but the blatant duplicity of current US actions are just part of the cruel farce.

The fact is that the previous UN weapons inspection team in Iraq had declared that 95% of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capabilities were destroyed.

Whatever Saddass is or isn't hiding, he couldn't swat a fly with it - not even a big, buzzing, disease-riddled blowfly like George Dumbass Bush.

More's the pity!  

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As for the ill-served dead of Halabja, back in March 1980, when Iraq was actually using chemical weapons against the Kurds and the Iranian army, the US had absolutely nothing to say about it.

Chemical weapons killed an estimated 20,000 people in the Iran-Iraq war and 5,000 Iraqi Kurds were murdered by mustard gas and the nerve agent tabun at Halabja. Neither fact stopped continued weapons sales.

Back then, Saddass was a US ally and his cruelties were acceptable.

Back then the US sent an envoy to Iraq to normalize diplomatic relations, to support Saddass Hussein's war with Iran, and to offer subsidies for preferential trade with Iraq.

That envoy arrived in Baghdad on the very day that the UN confirmed Iraq's use of chemical weapons.

That envoy said absolutely nothing about it.

That envoy was Donald Rumsfeld.

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 Mahatma Ghandi was once asked what he thought of Western civilisation.

He answered: "I think it would be a good idea."

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, jiggling the ice in his vodka spritzer, flipping through Richard the Third, and waiting for the Yanks to stage another Gulf of Tonkin incident.

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(Hey, Johnny! What happened? Didn't you get an invitation or was Quant-arse booked out?)

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