Muslims Target Aborigionies For Terrorist Converts

Created: Wednesday, 21 November 2007 Written by Ricardovitz
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Just as Islam has taken over US Prisons, it's leaders target poor Aboritional Australians

The history of Islam among the Aboriginal population of Australia dates back to an unknown pre-Christian era. Some of the oldest treaties of the Aborigines with Muslims are some of the oldest with the outside world itself because most of the people neighbouring Australia are Muslim (see Macassan contact with Australia). More contact came with the "Afghan" camel trains, where the two groups found that they shared a similar sense of spirituality and there was significant intermarriage.

As of 2006, the growing community of indigenous Aboriginal Muslims, was conservatively estimated as 10,000 individuals, or 1 in 40 aborigines. This community is rising rapidly as a result of increasing rates of conversions. Many do it for spiritual purposes while others see Islam as empowering them with violent resistance to the white establishment. There is evidence of secretive links to Afghan and Malasian extremist Muslim sects, which is of grave concern to the Australian Prime Minister. They say it gives them resources and a heavy hammer to address the challenges of being the poorist group in Australia. Still, others are descendants of Afghan cameleers or, as in the Arnhem land people, claim to have Macassan ancestry. Genetically, the Aborigional people of Australia share little in common with Muslims of Central Asia. However, politically, some of them appear to be aligning themselves more closely with terrorist elements of Central Asia. There are rumours of an "underground railroad" implemented by Aborigionies to smuggle radical muslims into Australia. Prime Minister John Howard refuses to confirm or deny any knowledge that he or parliment has in regards to such activities.
World Correspondent: Ricardovitz