Feral Texas Chimp Shits on Table - Aussie Mini Me Licks It Up

Wednesday, 19 March 2003 By Max Gross


As expected, the US charade of "cooperating" with the United Nations - the only global authority able to provide a legal basis for military action between nations - is over.

The United Snakes of America has abandoned the internationally accepted rule of law and has openly declared itself an outlaw: a rogue state.

And Saddass has 48 hours to get out of town.

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The ludicrous, juvenile references to Kaiser George Enron Bush's Hollywood cowboy delusions are endless. And terrifying. The lethal consequences will echo through history.

When the US policy of bullying, bribery and bullshit failed to intimidate members of the Security Council that war on the brutal Iraqi dick-tator Saddass Hussein was justifiable, the Yanks smirked knowingly and walked off in a huff (or was that a minute and a huff?) and did what they had always planned to do anyway.

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The world knows that the UN option was only ever a sideshow as far as the current US maladministraion is concerned.

The long expected and planned invasion of Iraq is on, and Aussies have been served up as cannon fodder by our duplicitious parrot of a PM. The so-called Coalition of the Willing has never looked more isolated, iniquitous, and morally threadbare.

More like the Coalition of the WILTING, judging by the domestic spasms of Brit poodle Tony Blah.

Lisping from the heavy duty use of his tongue on the tighly puckered rectum of the certifiable US Presidunce George Enron Bush, Monstralia's slippery Prime Miniature Jerk Howard today lived up to his deceitful reputation, as did his mad Yank mentor.

The PM confirmed this morning that he had received his final instructions from the Washingtoon Goon: Monstralia is riding the coat-tails of the United Snakes of America, going in for the kill in Iraq. Absolutley nobody was surprised. The mendacious Mini Mini Jerk has been taking his cue from Washingtoon all along.

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After 12 years of lethal economic sanctions and US bombing raids in "no-fly zones", smart bombs and dumb politicans will now decide the fate of the long-suffering citizens of Iraq.

The US ignored the use of Iraqi chemical weaponry during the Iran/Iraq war but sickeningly used this issue as part of its justification for invading Iraq. The US refuses to ratify or particpate in the International Criminal Court but has the gall to threaten Iraqis defending themselves against the US invasion with war crime prosecution. Fuuuuuuuuuck!!!

US hypocrisy is staggering.

The Terrorist blowback is incalculable.

The continuing attempts of the Bush clique to link secular Saddass to the 11 September 2001 atrocities committed by Osama bin Laden's religious fanatics is offensive and an insult to the victims of that horrific act.

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We may be shutting down Saddass Hussein's cruel regime but we are opening up a Pandora's Box of go-it-alone rogue states. If its good for the US goose, its good for the (fill in the gap) gander. Anything goes.

Asked for details of Monstralian military involvement, the slippery, beady-eyed Moz PM forsook his usual excuse of the "hyperthetical" and now claimed he could not discuss "operational" matters... well. true to form, "Honest" John: never give the punters a fact they might be able to use against you.

Too bad for the PM, the current sick farce is so blatantly obvious that he - like the blundering Brit Tony Blah - has sealed his own fate. History will make mincemeat of these patsies to elite US interests.

Pity the poor Iraqis, caught between the murderous, self-serving tyrant Hussein and the ignorant, self-serving tyrant Bush. If Saddass has any of these so-called WOMD snuck away in some desert tent somewhere, he sure as hell will use them now!

Which begs the question: why - if the mad old Butcher of Bagdad has "chemical and biological" weapons of mass destruction, WHY didn't he use them during his attack on Kuwait in the 80's? Why didn't he use them to defend his troops against the (UN-sanctioned) defence of the government of the unelected, non-democratic Kuwaiti kingdom? Why?

Because he knew the retaliation would be so devastating he would lose not one but ALL of his lavish palaces. In other words, he knew the use of such weapons would be the end of HIM.

Now, the US has been unequivocal in its wild, foaming-at-the-mouth war rhetoric. It has repeatedly stated it will put and end to Saddass - personally!

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Forget the juvenile "48 hours" threat to Saddass to leave Iraq. That's a Washintoon cartoon statement. Saddass knows he is looking down a gun barrel...

Use 'em or lose 'em, Saddass!

Still, in neither Howard's nor Bush's admissions of war was any proof of an imminent Iraqi threat to anyone outside Iraq provided. Chronic liars that both "leaders" are, they simply ask to be trusted... Never ever, Woomera Johhny and Enron George!

We are now outside the law. We are in the same boat as lunatics like Osama Bin There Done That.

We are fucked.

The most sickening aspect of the coming bloodshed will be its fundamental cause: the invasion fo Iraq occured because while the weapons inspectors carried out the will of the UN in Iraq, the dim-bulb Presidunce of the United States of Amnesia "ran out of patience".

Just cause for mass mayhem, maiming, death and destruction. Oh, and let's not forget its obvious flow-on: more terrorism.

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, playing his cards, having his beef, smoking Gitanes, drinking Champagne, and reading Sartre.

Vive la France!

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