Voters flock back to PM Howard as Labor leader Rudd back flips over Greenhouse Gases

Created: Wednesday, 31 October 2007 Written by Unregistered Corresp
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Latest opinion polls have shown a clear trend back to Australia's greatest PM ever John Howard. It seems that the recent performance of Labor loser Rudd and his frontbench of union hacks and retired popstars have demonstrated to the Australian public that they are unfit to govern our great nation.

And now that Kruddy has copied John Howard's plan to stop global warming voters can see that there is no reason to vote out the tried and true team of Howard and Costello.

It must come as a great shock to the likes of latte-sippers such as Chato and Captain Australia that their hate-filled vitriol against Australia's proud leader is having no effect on the voting public. For months the Howard-haters have been spewing their bile against PM Howard and Australia in general. But their extremist’s views have no support amongst the silent majority of Australians. Most Australians know that the 11 years of the Howard government has brought them unprecedented wealth and security, and has raised Australia’s standing in the world. And there is nothing that the Howard-haters can say that will change that!

Expect PM Howard to soon have an election winning lead in the polls as Kruddy and his band of bumbling nitwits collapse under the pressure the PM has put on them and their half-arsed policies.

God Bless Australia!