Sunday, 05 October 2003 By Angry Patriot
Freedom. In a word that is what the War on Terror is about.

And like Bobby McGee we have plenty to do! The international transport of WMDs, drugs, illegal aliens. It all must be stopped. It threatens our livelihood. Our children. And our wealth.

Ahhhhh. Fuck it.
I hate greasy wogs from the Middle east and there is no way those cocksuckers are gunna even get near what's mine.
Blow 'em all up. We don't need no fuckin excuse!

As I sit here slappin my dick those fuckers are out there planning another Bali/Bombay/Sept 11/Invasion of Poland.
And what is the bleeding heart traitorous tree hugging lazy spineless leftys want???


Well screw them and the no good losers they support.

1. Expand Israel to the gulf of Persia. (But dont let 'em control the Oil. It's bad enough the Jews control everything else)

2. Selective sterilisation. They breed like flies it's time to stop them.

3. Only 1 religion. Mine.

4. I dont want any sheila walking around in a shroud. I want the right to know if she has a fat arse or not!

Fight for freedom. My freedom.

Angry Patriot.
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