Monday, 12 January 2004 By PATRIOT
After successfully freeing the Iraqi people from 30 years of evil rule the Coalition of the Willing would think that so-called "human" rights activists would be praising them.
But no. In a crazy situation that only Orwell could predict the self-proclaimed protectors of human rights are now bemoaning the fact that the CoW liberated a tormented people because it was an affront to "International Law"!
They now damn the US for deposing the 21st Centuries most evil Dictator because they couldn't get those deviant Frogs to support them in the UN!

Well wake up losers, because your other hero Gaddafi has!

He saw the steadfastness of the CoW leaders and shat his pants. And Australians should be especially proud of their leader beacuse he was able to stand up to Gaddafi and go to the cricket at the same time.

Now as Iraq moves towards to being the first true Arab democracy, those great thinkers on the left must admit they were wrong.


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