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An occasional foray into the world of Pastoral Spiritual Care…

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Nowadays it is hard for an average Joe and Joanne to find their spiritual healing. The rat race keeps racing, work never ends, and we have a phone up every orifice.

Where can a lazy soul find the quick and easy spiritual solace we all need?

In days of old we could turn to the local church or mosque, where some over-entitled blowhard would pound the sins of the world into our face. But we are over that now. We want someone who can tell us how good we really are, and all we have to do is wish very hard and we can all be rich. And we want to hear it from the comfort of our living rooms.

So I’ve scoured the internet and found who today’s new Spiritual Healers are. These modern day marvels can lift your spirit and lighten your wallet in no time…


First up Pastor Rick Warren.


Look at this fuckwit. Here he is with Oprah discussing how life is like a pack of cards.


How about no, that is just rubbish. Actually you are just another dodgy God botherer trying to fleece any fool stupid enough to believe you and your bible laden crap. Unfortunately this cunt has made millions from just doing that.

And I reckon he 'found' the cards for god idea from this


However, if you like your spiritulity tame, blind, and stupid; Rick is the man for you. In fact his rubbish is a perfect mirror of the 'close your eyes and wish' mentality of most of the USA.



Next we will look at the other purveyor of dumbass spirituality for the bourgeois, the Dalai Lama.



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