Thursday, 08 January 2009 By Heard Hercuntrumble

Now I like a root about as much as anyone, but when I see that my favourite jewess is out there bombing and a shooting I have to think twice before I would let my schlong go behind your thong...

Hey Tzippi remember the good old days? When you and Condi fought for peace with your tongues, not your guns!

Hey Tzippi I remember when the lads out on the beach were hooting and hollering after one of your previous 'peace' missions!

Still, how am I to know. Maybe you are getting messages from the other side; old Ariel has been wiggling his toe again. Involved in secret negotiations maybe? All I ask is for you to put your guns away for a while so we can get back to the fucking and a loving!

Herr Fucknuckle

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