Created: Thursday, 27 April 2006 Written by Chato
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More stinking sewage from the rotten
Howardland regime turd factory to the
deeply and chronically fuckwitted Oz
sheep, as they desperately cling onto
the shonky illusion of Oz nationhood
while an Oz "Stupid Card" gets firmly
stapled onto one of their ears.

Merely a few of the more obvious lies
from the mountain of filth deposited
by the Suckabilly House rodent as he
scuttles around in very dark places.

Lie #1:
The smirking, sociopathic Oz
trasherer suggests that because the
Howardland regime paid its bills by
looting the Oz public, Oz can be
imagined to be debt free. This went
international and gave rise to
world headlines similar to this:
Very interesting when you consider
that Oz has never owed more to the
international financiers than it does
now, under the Howard regime.

Lie #2:
That if subjects of the Howardland
accept Suckhole's obscene IR attack
upon their work conditions they will
enjoy an increase in opulence. Ha!

Lie #3:
If Oz dullards allow themselves to be
lumbered with ID cards and a regime
of constant personal policing, they
will experience, wealth, safety and
joy, if not absolute bliss. You are
asked to believe that this is not a
blatant enlargement of Howardland
police state powers by the use of
a "Stupid Card".

Lie #4:
That Uncle Suckhole has clamped down
on unwelcome immigration, and he has
stemmed the human flood. Of course,
he has not. He is under instructions
to import ever more consumers, to
boost property prices, and bring
wages and conditions down. He is
doing what he has been told to do,
and has allowed record levels of
legal and illegal immigration. Devil
take the hindmost!

Lie #5:
That the regime is fiercely protecting
Oz from pathogens imported via trade.
In fact, the protection Oz once had
has nearly all been dismantled in
the name of Globalism and the FTA
(For Thee, America).
The regime is secretly risking whole
sectors of agricultural industry. The
health and welfare of Oz consumers
(not citizens anymore) is not even a
minor consideration.