Wednesday, 29 January 2003 By Patriot
Saddam is at it again!
Hans Blix report to the UN Security Council is devastating blow to those who don't believe the Baghdad Dictator doesn't need to be disarmed. There has been little or no co-operation from the Iraqi regime for the weapons inspectors. The unaccounted for anthrax and nerve gas has been hidden by Saddam while he does the old pea and thimble trick, shifting his weapon stash from one place to another.

Once again the strong stance from President Bush has been vindicated - Saddam is trying to accumulate weapons of mass destruction that he could easily pass onto terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda. The horrific consequences of allowing this to happen must be stopped. And strong leadership from Bush as well as our own Prime Minister is ensuring it won't.

It is finally time for the left to admit they have got it wrong on Iraq; we should all be supporting the Bush administrations push to disarm Saddam.

It is in everyone's interest!

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