While the West fights for freedom the Chinese Dragon reaches for World Domination

Wednesday, 18 October 2023 By Patriot

Communist Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping is banking on the tired masses of the West to give up on democracy and roll over for the CCP...


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I warned you.

How I have warned you...


 A weak West. Blindsided by vapid culture wars, weather nonsense, and the antics of social media 'influencers'...


The diabolical attack on innocent Israeli women and children by the Hamas barbarians has sparked another crisis in the Middle East. The Islamofascist terrorists have risen from the grave and are again threatening us all with their evil. While Israel mounts a robust defense against this existential threat, it seems coincidentally CCP leader Xi Jinping gathered like-minded friends and flunkys, bound under the debt driven bondage of the 'belt and road initiative', to a gathering in Beijing. Whether it was a coincidence, or the attack was coordinated via their Iranian allies, the Hamas invasion of Israel has caused the leaders of the free world to focus their attention to the Middle East and away from Xi's gathering.

A nice distraction for 'Emperor' Xi and his partner in crime Putin to devise their plans for world domination!

Alien Joe

Meanwhile Sleepy Joe is running the show.

As Xi expands his zone of influence deep into the South China Sea, buzzes free and independent Taiwan with threatening military muscle, and crushes the independent souls in Xinjiang and Hong Kong with a genocide, some in the West are ready to throw their hands up in the air and say it is all too much. Let this Chinese bully have his way! Like the 5th column Saddam collaborationists in the first war against terror, these weak kneed willies want to fold in the face of Beijing's unbridled aggression.

But to give up is to give in. Now is the time for the leaders of the West to stand tall, denounce this peril, and bring the Dictator Xi to heel. Biden, though old and often befuddled, does seem to understand the challenges we face. The AUKUS alliance is also a sign that freedom loving countries can do something to block Xi's ravenous desires. But more needs to be done. It is time to pull the noose tight around the CCP's neck!


Stoned Mr Burns

Doesn't he remind you of this guy?

Tough targeted sanctions against the Beast of Beijing, and his lackeys, will be needed. And not only on financial transactions. Blocking travel of CCP officials and their propaganda, including their mouthpieces in the free world, is a necessity. There should also be direct, targeted interception of China's supplies for Putin's murderous war in the Ukraine. Smashing these supply lines of terror will show the brave souls in the Ukraine that we are really behind them in their fight for freedom.

UFO Joejpg

Or this one?

But we can also look to the past. We should learn from how the monstrous Soviet 'colossus' was overthrown. Give real physical support to those brave souls fighting for freedom in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong. Something along the lines of what was supplied to the freedom fighters of Afghanistan back in the 80s. It only takes a few brave souls to bring a tyrant to their knees! Maybe when the 'fast' trains don't go so fast will Xi bend his will to ours and stop his tyranny.

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  Our life's a blistering...


The time to act is now. The Triumvirate of Evil in Beijing, Tehran, and Moscow, must be dealt with. Biden and allies should allow Israel to dispose of the Hamas menace immediately, and then turn their attention back to the Ultimate Threat.


Communist China.


God bless,




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