PM Modi and The Golden Dawn

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 By Sub Continent Affairs Desk

Indian PM Narendra Modi has surprised many by one of his first acts as PM.

Reaching out to the Greece's controversial right-wing political party The Golden Dawn!

 modi action

Modi is supposed to have communicated to them that while they share some beliefs and inspiration, he didn't think he could work with them in the long term. So rather than have any ongoing controversy he wanted to make a deal that would keep them separated.

Said a Modi insider: "We like racial purity as much as the next guy, but having to interact with groups like The Golden Dawn over the term of our Government would be a real headache."

 So what is the deal they stitched up? Simple...

 No Indians in Greece, and no Greeks in India.

 I would imagine most Indians would see it as a win-win type of thing.

 golden dawn member

Some of the riff-raff Indian PM Modi is keeping out of the country.



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