Is the hidden hand of Beijing causing Chaos in the West…

Saturday, 30 May 2020 By Patriot

Our resident Foreign Policy expert Patriot is back! After a stint as Resident Scholar in the Rand Corporation, he has returned to to enlighten us all on the state of the World. With an unblemished record of no nonsense and hard hitting diatribes, and with close contacts in the corridors of power, Patriot will guide you dear reader thru the stormy waters we find ourselves in today. Today he is talking about what the august Australian publication 'The Bulletin' used to call the 'Yellow Peril'...

Dear Reader, have we ever stood so exposed? Our civilization, that literally civilized the World, is shaking at the foundations. With a fool leading the Land of the Free, evil forces are gathering and exploiting our people to try and destroy our great nations, our free enterprises, and even our way of life.

Cairo Party of Special Things to do


And who is it that is leading these forces of anarchy and destruction in our countries? Exploiting the grievances of the unfortunate in our society?

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They say nothing ever changes...

It is the rising power in the East. Behind their smiles and bland pronouncements, the men of the Chinese Communist Party are pulling the levers of instability, and with their well hidden cadres out there, spreading their bile and hatred. On social media. On the airwaves. On the streets.

With the very convenient spread of the COVID19 virus from the Chinese hinterland running amok in our lands, this 5th column is trying to destroy the foundations of our Free World. Destroying business with their virus induced lockdowns. Destroying that beacon of free enterprise Hong Kong. Now they are trying to destroy our world class infrastructure with rioting and hatred. Before our eyes, the Beijing bullies are working with like minded evil regimes in Tehran and Caracas, and their goal is our destruction!

cheney baghdad

Patriot close confidant, Dick Cheney. Thank Allah this lunatic is not in charge. How many more people would he have killed?

However some of us are fighting back. We now have well-funded think tanks like the Australian Strategic Policy Institute spreading our truth throughout the media. We are also fighting back against the invidious invasion of our learning institutions. But well intentioned and well funded scholars can only do so much.

What to do? First it must be to get rid of the Orange fool in the White House. President in waiting Joe Biden has already signaled he will take a firm hand against China. We need to all get behind him, no ifs or buts! We can only hope that November will speed us to him. But we also need more like minded leaders in other countries. The United Kingdom's PM Johnson seems weak and is not showing much leadership. Maybe that former great Tony Blair can make a return? At the least we can hope that he will take a firm hand from behind the scenes and guide the Labour Opposition so they will be ready to take over, and lead a sane and righteous United Kingdom once again. As for Australia unfortunately it appears that Australian PM Morrison has taken a liking to Trump. But he should not be afraid to support and rally behind Biden once he takes over. Our country will be crucial in this fight against the tyranny of Communism and despotism. We can only hope ScoMo is up to the task.

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"Look John! It is freedom."

These are dangerous days my friends. But I remember another time when we were faced with a great foreign evil, and when a trio of famous freedom fighters Bush, Blair, and Howard saved us all. By God they were good times for me and my friends! 

polly waffles 13 20140424 1061356983

Even Democrats Obama and Hilary agree, President George W Bush was a Man among men!

Time is running out fast. Our cities are burning. The free enterprise system that has bought untold prosperity to us all, is under attack. We need the right leadership, so that under their orders we can together fight this oriental communist menace and maintain our freedom. 

Let's hope that these men arise soon.


God bless,


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