Sunday, 21 November 2004 By Patriot
Iran needs to be dealt with. As I write this their Nuclear facilities are trying to purify the pre-cursors for nuclear weapons before a Monday deadline set by the latest 'deal' the limp wristed EU has made with them.

When will those fools in Brussels wake up? Haven't they seen what happens when you make these concessions to tyrants? You would think that the history of their own blood-soaked continent would enlighten them!

Tyrants like the Mad Mullahs of Tehran care for nothing but their own power. How can you deal with a regime that crushes it's own people under it's heels?

It's well known that they are funding terrorists in Lebanon and against Israel in the West Bank. They are actively trying to derail the approaching elections in Iraq. This they fear more than anything; a democratic nation next door to them! Who knows, maybe their own people might also want a real vote as well!

With the terrorists in Iraq crushed and reeling after the freeing of Fallujah from their grasp the strong leaders of the freedom-loving west Bush, Blair, and Howard can now turn their eyes on Iran. Imagine if we can bring freedom to this country? It would be a massive blow against terrorism and the medieval Islamic fascism as preached by the likes of Osama Bin Laden.

Now is no time for deals. Now is time to tell these lunatics in Tehran that they will cease and desist from any nuclear activity. They have not earned the right to be allowed at the table of civilised nations until they stop their weapon of mass destruction programs and start giving their own people some basic human rights. I am heartened by the election results over the last month because I know the majority of Australians and Americans reflect my views. We have brought democracy to Afghanistan, and hope to Iraq. People of Iran we shall not forget you and shall stand strong against your evil tyrants!

God Bless!

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