Turnbull Robs and Gropes!

Monday, 20 June 2016 By Max Gross


“Budget surpluses or deficits are not economic decisions forced upon us by economic ‘facts’. They are political decisions. Decisions around the level of taxation (revenue collection), service provision (government spending), inflation and unemployment are also political decisions – not economic ones” – Kay Rollison, 14 February 2015, Debt and Deficit Duplicity, http://theaimn.com/

“There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men” – Proverbs 30:14

“Poverty is the worst form of violence” – Mahatma Gandhi

Malcolm Turnbull’s mindnumbing 2016 election marathon is grinding us all into the ground in the unending white noise of LNP robots droning “Jobs’n’Growth” while swinging dead cats by the tail and tap dancing in and out of the cardboard scenery.

More like Robs and Gropes!

With two weeks to go before we can play our assigned parts as voters, many have already gouged out their eyeballs with blunt spoons, stuffed their ears with Cheezels and cracked their skulls against their HDTVs.

Interestingly, the longest election campaign in half a century, was inflicted upon Australians by Malcolm Turnbull for reasons he no longer even mentions.

Has anybody heard Turnbull or any of his rabble mention ABCC legislation lately?

You know, the reason he told the Governor-General to dissolve parliament and force a Double Dissolution Election?

The restoration of the discredited Howard-era Australian Building and Construction Commission being a “very important part” of his economic plan, as he put it just a couple of months ago?

Not a word! Not a whisper! Not a single sneaky fart!

Proving yet again that the LNP Masters-of-the-Universe are either malicious or are just making things up as they go without any idea – or care – of the consequences of their actions.

I call both.

They lie, then lie about lying and come back and lie all over again.

The carpetbaggers are in charge.

Having spent six years jumping up and down, running round in circles and screeching about Labor’s purported mismanagement of the economy, the Turnbull-Abbott government has dwarfed the purported “debt and deficit disaster” of the Rudd-Gillard years in less than three!

Now, see, there’s the thing right there and we see it over and over again: the LNP are pros at the art of the grift – deceit and profiteering are core LNP values! – while Labor remain mere amateurs at the game no matter how hard they try.

That’s how the LNP have managed to maintain the upper hand, historically “winning” government far more often than Labor.

Shee-it, people, the LIEbrals invented the game!

These egregious LNP leaners, these shameless, bare-faced liars, nutters and a cold-blooded thugs, really do believe they are entitled to it ALL: government, power, influence, the exclusive benefits, the sly money and easy living at taxpayer expense.

And how exciting it all is!

Australia is now very well-placed for a resurgence of the horse-and-buggy industry!

Malcolm Grech has certainly come up with an agile and innovative way to sabotage climate science research in Australia, gutting the CSIRO – the nation’s best and brightest innovators – of funds and resources.

And the Mushroom Turnbott corporation has decided to ignore or punish anyone who doesn’t own a rental property, doesn’t earn $80,000 or more, or whose small business is struggling to make a buck.

In other words, the majority of Australians.

Well, what did you expect, people?

Turnbull’s judgement, and credibility were clearly displayed throughout the Godwin Grech scandal back in 2009.

How anyone imagined Malky was PM material boggles my mind!

And I still have two weeks of boggling to grt through!

The demented Tony Abbott “won” in 2013 with a relentless barrage of the lowest, grubbiest, most deceitful personal assaults and abrogation of honesty and accountability that Australia has ever seen.

It was an act of fraud and never, ever constituted a mandate for the destructive policies the LNP tried to inflict on the nation.

Everyone – even those left oh the LNP (i.e. the middle!) believed Turnbull would return us to sanity when he overthrew Abbott.

Sadly, ridiculously, nothing changed.

And way back in 2001 slippery John Howard PM was on track to lose office when, bingo!

He hit the amoral, opportunistic, inhuman, bullshit jackpot!

The Australian government – i.e. John Howard – requested the Norwegian cargo ship MV Tampa rescue asylum seekers from a sinking fishing boat in international waters… and then refused to help.SAS

In fact, Germ Coward sent armed and fully kitted out SAS forces (That’s our very own Special Air Service Regiment, folks!) aboard to make sure no help was forthcoming and concocted the Nazi-sounding Pacific Solution of marooning asylum seekers on Nauru.

And then Howard and his amoral mob were re-elected to govern for another term.

Jesus wept!

Voters rewarded him and his colleagues – Ruddock, Reith, Vanstone and others – for their cruel, calculated and malicious lies!

My feelings about Australia and my fellow citizens were never quite the same again and my chronic boozing went into overdrive.

Writing in The Mercury 15 years later, Tasmanian author and historian Peter Henning put it this way:

“When John Howard demonised the Tampa refugees 15 years ago by falsely claiming they threw their children overboard, he revived xenophobic, racist prejudices among a politically significant minority of the Australian population, enabling his government to turn a likely defeat by Beazley Labor into an electoral victory in 2001.”

And that dog-whistle still works well for the LNP.

If the game ain’t rigged the bastards ain’t interested in playing.

Democracy? You’re standing in it!

Given this mob’s record I don’t believe a single pledge, promise or “commitment” any of the LNP nuph-nuphs, numptys and shonks make.

And make no mistake, folks, Tony Abbott is the architect of Malcolm Turnbull’s policies.

The wingnuts and extremists are still in charge!

Here is just a glimpse the latest LNP “Plan”, details of which remain invisible in the pamphlet those snakeoil salesmen (and women!) parade around like a holy relic:

  • Sabotage Labor’s National Broadband Network with delays, cost blowouts and aging copper lines thanks to Turnbull’s stint as Abbott’s communications minister and now as Australia’s prime minister
  • Gift $50 billion in corporate tax cuts which will produce NO new jobs and a pathetic 1% growth 20-30 years from now!
  • Permit Santos resuming poisonous exploration of Coal Seam Gas in prime farming land, threatening the viability of priceless underground aquifers (NB Santos already owns exploration acreage covering 200,000 kilometres of Australia!)
  • Abolish the Child Dental Benefits scheme
  • Continue gifting $7 billion in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry annually
  • Surrender Aussie jobs to Sub 400 visa workers under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement
  • Casualise the workforce, with part time and temporary jobs replacing full time employment
  • Dress up cheap labour as Work-for-the-Dole, without WorkCover insurance, or superannuation, or choice
  • More cheap labour through the so-called “Green Army”, also leaving participants without WorkCover, or superannuation, or choice
  • And even more cheap labour camouflaged as $100 per week throw-away interns
  • Slash penalty rates
  • Stifle wages growth
  • Deflate the economy
  • Ignore the Negative Gearing rort
  • Ignore the Capital Gains rort
  • Encourage tax avoidance in general
  • Raise the Goods and Services Tax to 15% – or more – to offset the tax revenue losses caused by all the above policies!

How’s THAT for a PLAN, suckers!

And when rabid junkyard dog Snot Morrison proclaims “It’s not a budget, it’s an economic plan for the future” all I can do is sit there, gulp my grog and wail “What the feck does that even MEAN?”

The Rudd/Gillard/Rudd debit and deficit disaster has miraculously transitioned into… an “economy in transition”!!!

Praise the Lord and pass the vomit bag!

Under Morrison and the rest of that barking mad LNP mob, Australian government net debt has grown by about $100 billion.

In less than three feckin’ years, those brilliant economic managers tripled the deficit!

In 2013, Treasury forecast total deficits of -$24.5 billion for the three forward years.

The exciting, agile and innovative Turnbull Government gave us -$115 billion.

That is 4.7 times the projections!

And the mental giants of the LNP managed all that without a Global Financial Crisis!!!

Anybody out there remember Joe Hockey’s promise of a surplus in the first year of government?

And how about the Goldman Sachs debacle prompting the collapse of insurance giant HIH? Remember THAT?

Somebody? Anybody?

Ah, yes! The ghosts of catastrofucks past and Malcolm Turnbull’s brilliant career!

Back in 2001, HIH was the largest corporate collapse in Australia’s history, with losses of up to $5.3 billion.

Guess who was in charge!

With Turnbull’s firm and steady manicured hand on the tiller, Goldman Sachs fiddled the numbers to make it look like FAI was worth millions when it was worth… zip, zero, bupkiss.

HIH then bought FAI on the advise of Goldman Sachs – and Turnbull – for a cool $300 million.

Struggle Street Malky and his dodgy mate Larry Adler (banned now from company directorship) launched the collapse of HIH and the ruin of many Australian businesses who relied on HIH for insurance.

The costs of the HIH debacle forced a levy of 0.032 cents in every dollar of the costs of domestic building works.

It impacted on you me, and a lot of other no-nothing shills.

Once again, the profits were creamed off and privatised while the losses were socialised.

And that dessicated feckin’ coconut John Howard who was PM back then shielded our current temporary PM from serious judicial inquiry.

Today it’s as if it never even happened.

Skirting the law is what the LNP does for a living. Breaking the law? No worries, mate! Just don’t get rumbled!

If you question the system that allows a wealthy minority to amass an ever increasing share of the wealth, then you are accused of “Tall Poppy Syndrome” but if the rich pricks attack the wages and working conditions of lesser folk, this is called Workplace Reform and Increasing Productivity.

Check out this poppy, or, rather, this twisted, infestatious weed:

Talcolm Mothball attended Vaucluse Primary and then the exclusive and very expensive St Ives Prep and Sydney Grammar, taking advantage of a Labor introduced free University education to get a double degree, including Law.

Way to go, agile and innovative young Malky!

But no, living in an apartment in Rose Bay and attending a top private school is NOT doing it tough!

At the tender age 27 he inherited a comfy $2 million from his father, a hotel broker (leasing, buying and selling hotels and their contents and fittings).

Today, the evasive, thoroughly discredited Turnbull owns seven known properties (Negatively geared, naturally!), his main home is valued at $50,000,000, and he hides his loot in that renowed tax haven, the Cayman Islands.

A life of advantage through education, connections through marriage and the old school network, and inherited wealth.

Good old Mal, just a regular bloke!

You needn’t be a pyschiatrist to understand that when one is born to privilege one feels it is the natural order of things, leading to a reluctance to challenge the apparent status quo.

This is obvious from Turnbull’s long political tango: a smooth veneer on a nasty, extremist core of right-wing economic theology.

Make no mistake, peeps! This smarmy, smooth-talling spiv, this fraud, this bio-engineered Tall Poppy, is intent on cutting down ordinary folk.

Then there is the NBN.

Labor’s inspired National Broadband Network, the largest infrastructure project for decades and a vital part of an “Innovation Nation”, was to set Australia up for the future.

And what has Magic Mal done?

Destroyed it because it would impinge on Kaiser Ruprecht Morlock’s venomous mass media and communications octopus and old Uncle Rupe didn’t like it!

Er war nicht glücklich, Bauern!

Turnbull, ever dutiful to his natural constituency, gladly prepared a feast of sliced and diced Eloi.

I’m still waiting for some journo with the balls and brains to grill Malky about the orchestrated (news cameras rolling!) police raids on the ALP over leaked documents showing the depth of Turnbull’s innovative, agile and exciting NBN catastrofuck.

I mean, we all know NBN boss Switkowski is an LNP stooge and NBN corp is a compomised, policised entity.

It’s a con, a grift, a swindle and a scandal.

When Shorten becomes PM I trust he will establish a Senate enquiry or Royal Commission into the legitimacy of both.

And as for two years of Team Abbott, what did that get us apart from moral dysentary?

Attorney General George Brandis declared that “people have a right to be bigots”.

Treasurer Joe Hockey mused that “poor people don’t drive cars”.

Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce threatened to kill Pistol and Boo!

His Royal Highness the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who demonstrated his years of wisdom and diplomacy during a 2002 visit Down Under by asking an Aborigine “Do you still throw spears at each other?”, got another knighthood to add to his extensive collection of trinkets, ribbons and party hats.

And Abbott ate a raw onion, skin and all. WTF?

What else did Warringah’s most infamous feckin’ dickhead “achieve”?

The deficit went up. Debt went up. Unemployment went up. Taxes went up. Flags went up. More flags went up. Accountability and transparency went down. Funding for hospitals went down by $50 billion. He pulled another $ 30 billion out of education. He tried to cut the pension but the Senate wouldn’t let him. He charged you a tax to see your doctor. He wanted to inflate the cost of university degrees but the Senate stopped him. He declared war on wind turbines and our invaluable public broadcaster, the ABC.

And Toxic Tony – and his nemesis Meltdown Snowball – doubled the cost of their castrated, bastardised version of the NBN.

And now…

Last night (16 June 2016), hosting an inaugural Iftar dinner at his official residence in Sydney, Milksop Tumble PM graced a captive audience with his revelation that the goal of terrorists “is to divide us”.

He was referring to the latest bloodbath by the latest gun-toting U.S. psycho, this time in Orlando, Florida, who murdered 49 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender party-goers and friends, maiming dozens of others.

Turnbott went on to say “Australians are not defined by religion or race; we are defined by a commitment to common political values, democracy, freedom, the rule of law, all underpinned of course by mutual respect.”

This bullshit gushed from the silken lips of the leader of a party which cuts funding to TAFE colleges, cuts funding to schools and hospitals, removes financial support from pensioners and welfare recipients, slashes Medicare funding in prepararation for selling it off to corporate interests, churns taxpayer funds through a party-owned business which donates the money back to the LIEbrals, and specialises in punitive policies that divide Australians every which way but loose.

Rational Mal, reasonable Mal, suave, solemn, civil and civilised Mal made no mention of the LGBT nature of the murder victims or the fact that the murderer had no connection with any Islamist or terrorist group.

But among his chosen guests last night was an Islamic preacher who believes AIDS is a “divine punishment” for gays, wants adulterers stoned to death and has previously called on God to “destroy the enemies of Islam” and “prepare us for jihad”.

My son votes for the first time this time and he asked for a little parental insight.

I told him to ignore the pencil they give you at the polls and use a pen (ALWAYS use a pen) and suggested he just grab an LNP How To Vote card and… vote the opposite!

Alternatively, I suggested drawing something pithy that expresses how he feels about the fraud, pantomine and farce that passes for political dialogue and the manipulation of democratic processes for idealogical purposes in this country.

I know what I’m drawing.

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