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A short while ago President George W Bush addressed the United States of America regarding the missing US forces in Afghanistan.

“My fellow Americans I speak to you tonight as a courageous band of our fighters are holed up in the mountains of a godforsaken country; Afghanistan. To rescue these brave men I have authorised the use of a secret special weapon. It is a crack force of men who have been trained extensively for this task, and who I know will rescue our brave boys. They are the special special forces. “In this group are some of the finest fighters the world has known. Headed by Lt Tom Hanks this special force includes California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Tom Cruise. They are now being parachuted into Afghanistan as I speak.

"I am sure you agree that these men have demonstrated the finest ability in killing bad guys and that you will join with me in wishing this strike force Gods speed in rescuing our brave boys.

"God Bless.”

President George W Bush