Created: Monday, 12 February 2007 Written by Patriot
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Stout Aussie PM John Howard has called new US President hopeful Barrack Obama’s bluff over Iraq. PM Howard has rightly portrayed Obama’s call for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq as a victory for Osama and his Al Qaeda minions. And no amount of squirming from the latte sippers can change that fact. The Democrat Senator Obama is making the same mistake other leftists leaders in the West have made: thinking that by cutting and running in Iraq they will appease the terrorists. But he is wrong. The terrorists will not stop at Baghdad. They will only be emboldened further, and with the continuing support of other evildoers in the region such as Iran, who knows what havoc they could wreak on our allies and friends.

PM Howard has rightly said that now is not the time to quit the fight on terror. Only by supporting our troops and their brave leaders can we hope to defeat this menace to our civilization. Indeed, with Tehran desperate to have nuclear weapons and only too willing to use them, the victory in Iraq is more crucial than ever. It is about time that the left side of politics stopped their cheap political point scoring and started to back our troops who are fighting for their freedom.

God bless.