Back to the Past to Save the Ukraine

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 By Harry Bismark Jnr

For too long there has been trouble in the East...

Today the fault lines of Europe have been laid bare for all to see. Dire trouble in the Ukraine has exposed the weak underbelly of the federal European Union. This weakness lies in Eastern Europe. A place that is a hodge podge of languages, races, 'cultures', and vagabond tribes. A place where there are People without Nations, and Nations with too many Peoples.


I predicted this nightmare facing us now. In reality it has been downhill ever since the Habsburg's left. Certainly some of the blame can be traced back to that blood thirsty tyrant Stalin. But one thing history has shown is that the wild people who inhabit the regions between the Dnieper and the Danube can only be controlled when we have a strong Russia and a strong Germany.  


And that is what we need today.


It is time for Angela Merkel and Vlad Putin to get together and butt heads like the diplomats of yore and find a solution for this Ukraine problem. A final solution to what has been the festering sore of Eastern Europe.


And I have a few suggestions.


One thing is for sure; the ignoramuses of the US State Department must butt out.


For a start Kalingrad must be returned to the Fatherland. A strong German presence in Konigsberg will reassure the Russians that the wayward Baltic states will not wander too far from the flock. And it can also remind those uppity Poles of their true place in this new European hierarchy.


On the question of Ukraine I think difficult problems sometimes need dramatic solutions. I say time to dissolve this country. It never really existed previously anyway. Let's give the eastern half to Russia and the western half to Poland. That way the Poles will not complain about the return of Pomerania and Silesia to Germany.

In fact there is a precedent for the type of negotiations I have in mind. Another time when the diplomatic corps of the German and Russian states got together to plan a future of prosperity for the people's of Eastern Europe.


The 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact.


If you think about it, after taking out the small matter of the invasion of Poland, it really can be seen as a brilliant blueprint for stability and economic growth in this troubled region.


I say it is time for the real powers in the region to ignore the bleatings of liberal patsies of France and Britain, and to say no to the machinations of the failing US empire. With the resurrection of this treaty, the peoples of Russia and Germany can look forward to a shared future of greatness and wealth! For the ignorant tribes of Eastern Europe there will be the firm but fair hand of civilisation from two of the World's most benign and freedom loving powers.


Germany and Russia! Time to take your place at the head of the club of nations.


Angela and Vlad! History is calling you. Make your Nations great again!


Harry Bismarck Jnr,

Dresden 2014

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