Created: Saturday, 24 March 2007 Written by Patriot
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In a provocative move aimed at distracting the world from their sinister nuclear weapons program, the Mad Mullahs of Tehran have authorised attacks against the English Naval Forces protecting Southern Iraq. And it was during one of these assaults that Iranian forces (possibly the feared Quds forces) kidnapped fifteen English sailors at gunpoint yesterday. Of course the English have angrily demanded the immediate release of their boys by this tyrannical regime, but so far their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.
Any clear headed reading of the dire situation in Iraq must come to the understanding that the majority of terrorist attacks in this country are in one form or another underwritten by the Islamofascist regime of Tehran and its Jew-hating leader President Madmanahmed. And so English Naval squadrons have been patrolling in the waters of Southern Iraq to stop the huge influx of weapons and terrorists into the fledgling democracy of Iraq from the World’s number one sponsor of terrorism Iran.

Now forces of the insidious Iranian regime have abducted 15 brave sailors of the Royal Navy and undoubtedly will try and hold them for ransom. But there should be no discussion or negotiation with the Mad Mullahs; Tehran should release the sailors now or face harsh consequences.

This raid is a wake up call to the international community; Iranian forces are actively supporting attacks on the brave soldiers of the Coalition of the Willing as well as innocent Iraqi civilians. There can be no appeasement with the likes of President Madmanahmed. He must be stopped now. Before he can unleash further attacks against freedom and democracy when he gets his hands on nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately in the West it seems that some of the population is starting to listen to the siren call of surrender to Islamofascism from the likes of the new ALP leader Kevin Rudd and resident leftist loonies Chato and Max Gross. The people are starting to believe the simplistic nonsense pushed by these fools; that if we leave Iraq the terrorists won't follow our forces home. That turning Iraq over to the terrorists won't affect people at home in Australia, Britain, and the United States.


The only way terrorism will be defeated is by standing shoulder to shoulder with our brave allies. Yes, it will be difficult; and yes, it will take time. But we face a diabolical threat against our civilisation from people like Madmanahmed and his terrorist supporting cronies. It is by sticking with the brave unswerving leadership by exceptional men like Australian PM Howard can our good finally triumph over their evil.

God bless,