Professor Lambasts ex-Student Victory March

Thursday, 26 May 2005 By Pervis
Do you binge drink but don't feel you have an alcohol problem?

Do you drink drive regularly and take back streets because you know you are a safe driver even when you're off your scone?

Do you like having a big joint once in a while?

Deep inside are you a rock'n'roll poet laureate or literate lambaster? Would you describe yourself as a rambler? (or would you like to own one?)

Do your plans include leaving something of your conscious meanderings behind to add to the body of work that influences mankind?

Do you often listen to the stillness and incidental noises and feel there is nothing that need be done, that everything is sweet and enlightenment is a word that no longer has any meaning?

Does the idea of your own death bring about a feeling of peaceful nothingness?

Well, then sucker...Welcome to Xenox News.

end of 32R series of questions - module 12

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