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I understand why there is no future now.

Created: Tuesday, 22 May 2007 Written by Ron
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I was watching "God on my side" documentary with Denton last night and he went to a convention for tv evangelists and that sort of people in america. It was very clarifying for me. On at least 3 separate occasions, and 3 separate evangelists who run tv shows etc... he asked the question "If you think The Bible is "The Way" and the ultimate authority and for example, a moslem thinks the Koran is "The Way", why is the moslem wrong and you are right?Every time it was their turn to answer, they first looked stumped and paused for a short while. This was always followed by the answer along the lines of "Because Jesus said so and his word is that of God". They could do no better than that.People who are preaching the so called "Word of God" answer a question about the existence of God and refer to The Bible as a source of ULTIMATE proof of this idea? Not o­nly is that totally insane and nonsensical and the equivalent of dumbing-down but it does not answer the question as to why a moslem or person of other faith cannot answer it in the same way, refering to The Koran for example. Not at all.Let's put it in context. If o­ne country is going to start wars against another country with religion as the backdrop or driving force as excuse, then if you are going to have thousands of young boys killed in the process, at least have an argument as to why your God is the o­nly God and be able to reference a book or something that you do NOT believe was dictated by that very same God, otherwise you look stupid, you are a murderer who has disrespected life, disrespected the dead and you go against the dictum of your own faith.This is very very sad indeed. What hope is there if this continues? Slaughter of innocent people and the depreciation of the value of life. The same life that all Gods' tell us we should hold in sanctity. How ironic.