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Monday, 06 February 2023 By Tex Lumbago

We have had a submission from Joel, one of our readers...

"Sweel. I don't know what it means but I love it. I mean I love the word so much that I want to take it up as a career and become a professional sweeler.

So, for me, sweel is the word of the day!"

Thanks Joel!

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Sweel arose from a comment by a self-professed 'Angry old man', on an article by a previous XenoxNews fave Chato. These two miscreants seem to be long gone, but their 'Internet banter' has still retained the ability to excite our readers with its 'sweel'.

So, what is Sweel? When you hear it, doesn't it give you an indefinable moment of pure pleasure? Isn't it like hearing the sound of the whip as it comes cracking down? The noise as their nylon pantsuit is removed? That sweet 'sweel' of the first exhalation from your morning blunt...

I must admit on hearing it, it does give me all these wonderful feelings and more.

You know, it also reminds me of another wonderful word that was very popular with the XenoxNews crew back in the day...


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Now here is a word that instantly has your mind wandering to the green pastures of existential being. To another world of wonder and enchantment. Where blood engorged statues, like plinths of living flesh, pound away on blonde haired vixens, like Valkyries of the Netherworld. Where their sweetened cries grow louder as they reach the peak of their...

Well, you get the idea.

Why, I can even remember one night when 'Swish!' was spoken aloud and the exclaimers whipped away via a special blue&white vehicle to a hidden concrete box. Here they spent night with a cast of characters you could only find in a Dickens novel. It was truly a wonderful evening of revelry and enlightenment, and only made possible by the utterance of that special word 'Swish!'.

So our dear XenoxNews readers, can you give an example of how you feel when you hear the magic word 'sweel'? Or is there some other word that by it's mere mention you find yourself in a epiphany of wonder? In total serenity and blissfulness of knowledge?

Let us know dear reader! Let us know...

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