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Contrary to popular belief there are no aliens. At least not from another planet or anything. Also there is no Us or Them. There is only you and you and you. Different scales. Different times. Different spaces. Yes Chato you and John Howard are inextricably linked. There is no environment either. There is no planet to save. There is never ending change however. There is something that might be called a god and she/he sleeps. In his/her dream anything is possible. Every night the god can dream whatever it wants and in a the sleep of one might can dream a 100 or a 1000 years or however long it desired. After fulfilling every fantasy in theses dreams they eventually became boring. So dreaming about exciting things in life threatening situations became entertaining for awhile but there but this too became dull. There was no threat really. So this god chose to forget that it was dreaming. To forget that it was a god and that it was dreaming. This made the dream much more exciting. The dream was remembered when the god awoke but every night the god sleeps, and dreams forgetful dreams. Ayam Atma Brahama