When Daffy fucked Daisy. What to do when Cartoon Porn runs Rampant

Created: Friday, 24 November 2017 Written by Duck Shots
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Critical Public Culture study can result in diabolical pornographic idiocy.

What is it about cartoon sex? Ribald images of anthroporeatomised creatures getting it on in all sorts of ways...

Even better when it is our own proud culture doing it; rather than those heinous Nips and their perverted Hentei rubbish.



Something about cartoon character sex gets me thinking of Sappho and her 40 lovers

Daffy an irascible scoundrel, seducing Daisy with his clear voiced soothings

"After all these years I wanted to fuck a duck I could understand" said the defiant Daisy.

 But this story doesn’t only concern the feathered fuckwits of Walt Disney’s imaginings. In the land Down Under, cartoon horniness was also creating crazed individuals. Here is one cartoon pervert that loved to call Australia home...


Blinky Bill was an unabashed racist bear, tied to the ideology of defending Australia's purity against the Asiatic hordes at the door.

blinky bill 1

An irascible and impudent little fellow. He stood for all that was good and cheeky in Aussie culture. But this bear also had a dark side. Besides his well-known ‘alt-right’ political sympathies, he also bore a maniacal sexual obsession with American cartoon characters. And he knew that if Daffy had fucked Daisy, then by God he must be in with a chance too!

blinky bill 3

He spent days basking in deviant fantasies about what he would do with the putative Mistress of Daffy Duck. Of Daffy himself, Blinky had nothing but scorn.

"That spluttering fuckwit of a bird should be stripped, basted, and braised in some Chinaman’s Wok!"

What is it about a sunburnt country that brings these musings to the mind of the swinging bachelor? We all have some strange belief that the world is our oyster. The rest of the globe is in thrall to our carefree ways, and lanky languid erotica...

The truth is, as anyone that has been to this tormented land knows, Aussie men are lazy and shiftless and the women screeching harpies, a la Pauline Hanson. But at least our bears are cuddly!

So. What about Blinky?

blinky bill 2

Born to an abandoned mother, Blinky spent his youth on French Island swinging from tree to tree, sucking gum leaves down, and imbibing the wisdom of the great French philosophers Baudrillard, Rimbaud, and Gainsbourg. Sandwiched between the branches, and stoned out of his tiny little mind, Blinky pondered on the mysteries of life. And why there were too many Chinese in his wide brown land…

Also the perversions flittered thru his tangled up mind.

 bilby dead

The Bilby. Not even a stoned Blinky would fuck these weird little guys.


More coming soon...