An Anzac tribute to all the whores they fucked before

Wednesday, 25 April 2007 By Poet Larryette
As heard on the streets of your old town...
“Well I fucked you in Cairo for a quid;
It wasn’t polite but you said you’d take it up the ass for a shekel or two…
Then I waltzed into Suvla Bay but there wasn’t a cunt to be seen.
So I fucked the duty sergeants red raw arse;
And then grabbed me gun ‘cause those damn Turks bombed us with gas.

In WW2 I had the pick of the World Wide Whores;
From Londons back alleys to Port Moresby fuzzy wuzzy angels.
I fucked every whore good money could pay for,
And, thank fucking god;
By now they had invented penicillin.
Cause me cock would have been green and gone otherwise!

In occupied Japan we learnt the sweet arts of the Orient comfort women.
Who’d fold your socks
Suck ya cock
And wish you good night
All for a dollar or two.

Twas in Seoul I first saw her sweet black hole,
And when the dirty commies had had enough,
I did my bit for free enterprise;
And remunerated her well.

I was 17 when they dragged me to Vietnam;
Ain’t never touched a tit, let alone fuck a pussy.
But boy, by the time I had finished Saigon
There wasn’t a part of women I hadn’t blown on.

One of Dili's more accommodating residents.

Now a days it aint much different
A digger can fuck a whore in Dili, Bahrain, and the Solomons.
And as I now stand to attention by her bed on this Anzac day
I salute this whore and all the whores us Anzacs have fucked before!”

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