In these times of trouble...

Saturday, 24 October 2020 By Roger Rodeo

...Frank told me to reach for my Faith!

2020 chicken 

 So I Built me a Church of Chickens.


Chickens Chickens Chickens

Chicken Church


Squawking mother fucking chickens.


I heard that 40 years ago they fluttered down with eyes wide open like a wide open shutter. What a collection of fucking heroes. They were smoking cigars and chatting. Tripping the light fantatsic with Mr Frank Blues.

They told Frank all he needed to know.

And then, later, there was his son Theo. Tied to the microphone and squawking out the tequila mescal blues of the The Church of the Chicken a la Peyote.

Chicken Church 2

He had a message. A message that resonates even today.


Get your hand off your genitalia and start praying motherfuckers!


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In these times of trouble I always remember...


GOD said it. I believe it. THAT settles it.

 religious figures 18 20140424 1631854897









I like this one. Look it is blind but still spluttering out its tune. Like the rest of us. Why not pray to it? Fucking on the ball, a feathered fuckwit that floated down in my mescaline dreamtime. Smoking cigars and cracking cicada shells.

Just erase that fucking cross of it. Sometimes my followers got confused. As if that cunt Jesus offered anything but limp dicked persecution and ignorance. Fill it all in with feathers and stuffing. And we will float to the Heaven on High.

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