Ghosts of Mars

Created: Tuesday, 23 October 2001 Written by Correspondent
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Ooohh. What delights has John Carpenter in store for us this time? Sorry I'm just sick of politics and thought I would change the subject. I suppose I could get philosophical about this film and attempt to tie it to reality in some way. What the heck I think I will. Mars - The God of War , a planet formerly destroyed by a war , its ghosts here, making trouble in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. According to Trevor Ravenscroft, Hitler and Napoleon were local incarnations of martian spirits. Who am I to argue with Trevor right? FFFffft! If you're interested you should check out Emanuel Swedenborgs work as well. He talks about life on Mars. A ghostly kind of life. Actually Mars or Aries used to be a God of Nature. A horned Ram right? Somewhere along the line he became a War God, and he might have been twisted into Christianity's Devil or Satan. So what the hell does that do to my theory? Fffffft!! What the heck. Bear it in mind. It's a trick I learned. Looking at the world like a mirror. Like a movie screen. Like a chicken with too much time on its hands. Anyway the movie starts here in the Wonderful Land Of Oz on October 25. Official Site