The Return Of The King

Saturday, 15 March 2003 By YUGO
Foisted and unearthed, to everyone’s great surprise is the massive return of Frugal Volkswagon and his merry crew of unabashed pent rhymed distortion artists.

Frugal and the rest of the band wailed loudly in absolute rhythmic cacophony; perched on the back of a moving truck.

The idle talk of their youth rang realism as the band went through manic paces of old and new abstract material with the truck parked beside the firetrucks of a suburban fire and cameramen not knowing which way to point the camera.

Frugal, unseeming to the whole media frenzy crooned pathos belligerence and jovial ditties in his bent back, face near the ground, concentration. The band exuberant in their rejoice of union rhythmic outpouring, the raw mix of exuberance and coming to terms with instruments possessed by the charged moment rang plaintiff amongst the cacophony, no wonder, blending into a force of music powerful and clear.

CD available for on line purchase soon.
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