Memo: Papal TV re Pope JP2 Funeral

Friday, 08 April 2005 By Chancellor Davies
To You:
We have allocated 4 in situ cameras. Can take live feed from:
1. Arse Cam (located up arse with optic fibre poking out of cassock between legs)
2. Staff Cam
3. Nose Cam
4. Pilgrim Cam (wandering individual within massing throng)

Details re frequency: 1. B&W 123 MHz, FM Broadcast
2. B&W 123.5 MHz, AM Broadcast

3&4. false Color, 130 MHz, FM broadcast.

No interviews allowed. It may be possible to bury pontiff with camera in crypt for ongoing netcast. Longer he lasts, the better the viewing.

Will bury for use. ID notifiable.

Chancellor Davies
Vactican TV inc.
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