Looking brass feeling brittle

Created: Sunday, 06 October 2002 Written by Correspondent
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Unbuuttoned my sleebves, Felt like a man alife. RTouched the circuit within and dazed a peanut.
If we is in so much trouble why is the midgets in charge? Not mwn but excuse. Never been holding the prize ever. Got nothing for noone except a pissy promise of a few bucks moree, and fguxckall promise of we ios better then they.
In a jar in New orleans is 50x10^3 atoms of anti matter! Fuck me dead. This we whittle out and slowly consume us all. Gradula. I can guarnetee armageddeon. exactly when you die loser.

Felt me knackers and they were fine..led upto hard rock dick..dont ya wish.

hey simone the best da was.

c'mon honey

nose in dirt. lost with her stars.I's threw a bottle that spangled on Chandler Hwy. And Is burnt a tyre for my brain.
HAd mes a foam hammer called Fingilfon. Felt me hands on the face as Boznek creek burned. Come back to me.
Choo Choo across Chandler and heildelberg 2003.