Sunday, 02 October 2005 By Staff Writer
OK. Your finally allowed to enter Mr Producers big room. He is sitting there, waiting to hear your pitch for the movie...

Let's hear it. STORY #1

"Lonesome cowboy vagabond with a large penis mets 2 girls in a motel room..."


"Alien craft circles the earth. It ejects it's sewage onto Earth from which a superhuman race arises..."

(My Favourite)

"Bored English dandy hits the high seas as a pirate in the 18th Century. Much ass fucking and cock sucking follows as he cruise the Carribbean with his queer Pirate freinds. Then they plunder a Governmnet cruiser and end up with a the Governor's daughter on board. Hilarity ensues as the boys can't quite figure out which hole to fuck..."

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