Created: Friday, 08 July 2005 Written by Green Haired Jim
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Once again I'm on the bridge in the sunny Caribbean. The Cap'n whips out his flute and asks me to play a tune....

"but Cap'n," I's a say, "I’ve been playing that damn thing all night long."

The heat it burns. My eyes grew dizzy, and once again that salty drip was in me gob.

Now it's all hands on deck! There’s a ship to be had. We storm aboard and free all the black slaves and frolic with them on the beaches of Bahama.

A sailor's life; it the one for me!

Next young Davey pulls out the coca leaves and bicarb and starts the long grind with the mortar and pestle. Soon the party begins with the Rum, the sodomy, and the crack.

I awake on the beach a ghost crab nibbling at my bare rear.

The sailor's life; that’s the one for me!

Green Haired Jim
Jamaica Papers 1715