Created: Saturday, 30 August 2008 Written by God Botherer
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New Bible Quotes found, dug out a whores bedroom in Bethlehem.

"When the Lords pecker rose in the morning the people faced right down to the back so to not see its overhang"
Overhang? How big was this beast? This true vessel of God?

"Yahweh, ye balls are giant swing globs of incense."

Straight out of the Russian Orthodox Church don't you think?

It makes me think. Think of the whore in Bethlehem where they found this shit. For a few bucks an hour she was being cornholed while beneath the bed lay secret words of our God.

He sure does move in mysterious ways!

Takes me back to the time I paid a visit....

Will it lead to a fundamental change in the way we worship our deities?

Only time will tell.

Mark Forbes