Tuesday, 22 July 2014 By Alien Aviation Specialist

Tragedies don’t happen, they are made.

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With the words of the prophets ringing in my ears I undertook this undertaking to give you the real deal…


The truth, they say, is out there. Well I’ve been out there, so fucking out there I thought I’d never come back.

But lucky for you I did.


First one must tally the information; rank it in its inconsistency. Look for those with plausible deniability, who first proffer their theories; so much so that eventually they become the facts.

Let’s take what we know and work back from there…

First. A plane went missing. And until this day it has never been found. Total mystery.

What else is a total mystery?


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Now you can see where I am heading…


No parts found. No sight seen. Disappeared into the ether. Despite all our modern technology. You know, like satellites that can see missiles being fired in any part of the world.

Where the fuck did MH970 go?


Let’s review what we know now…

Last seen in the sky. Last located in the heavens. Seen, but then unseen. Perhaps really only seen by a select few. Not unlike our extra terrestrial friends.

If it is not on the earth or sea it must be in the sky. My feeling, my hunch is this…


It has been taken over by ET.


Laugh if you will, but prove me wrong. With all your technology, your espionage apparatus, you haven’t found shit.

Who is being played for the fool now?

Seems we were right all along...


Now we return 4 months later. This time there is no doubt where the plane is. It lies scattered and broken upon the dead earth’s floor.

But also look at the bullshit that has flooded out since then. Every conceivable conspiracy theory. It’s the Russians. It’s the Ukrainians. The passengers were already dead when they fell out of the sky.

Everyone ready to use it to push their barrow. Looking at you Abbott.

Surprising Al Qaeda hasn’t been blamed yet.

osama bin laden photo

Why not blame this guy?


As I said above, so below, we must look at what we know. A plane flying was blown out of the sky and crashed. But also there is a missing plane. Most likely still flying. But camouflaged from Man's prying eyes with sophisticated technology. Until…

Someone crossed its path. Someone seen it.


They responded alright. Left a godawful mess, but they will get off scot-free, as they always do.


This is more than a conspiracy. Johnny ET is laughing at us right in front of our faces.


And there's not a damn thing we can do about it.

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