Missing Flight MH370. Time to mention the UFO word?

Monday, 10 March 2014 By INTREPID UFONIK

Here at XenoxNews.com we have been documenting the increasing frequency of Alien visitations to our planet...

From people’s backyards to the hotly contested border of the Koreas. XenoxNews.com has provided the Internet public with clear and accurate information that indicates Aliens are visiting our planet now, and visiting in greater than ever numbers.

Getting bored with scaring Darwin hillbillys, is the Alien instead stealing airplanes from the sky?

Now with flight MH370 disappearing without a trace whispers are beginning to emerge that this mystery may have been due to an Alien interception on a grand scale. It has happened before in this part of the world, maybe it has happened again.

Of course only here at XenoxNews.com will you get any these facts reported. The main stream media is completely terrified and cowed when it comes to UFO reporting. You can expect that they will have their so called ‘experts’ spout their usual obfuscation and ridiculing, but the reality is that we may be facing the biggest UFO incident since Roswell.

And no cynicism or blind faith in rationality can change that.

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