Created: Monday, 21 November 2005 Written by Chato
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Powerful Oz leader reveals that
he is guided by "the force" of
In an unexpected moment of
candour, during an interview
with Alien Jones, the radio
interviewer and famous public
lavatory inspector, the very
aged Oz leader Uncle Suckhole
revealed just how humble he
really is:

"You see Alien, none of my acts
are really my own. I am always
guided by a greater force. When
I was less aged than I am now, I
felt a powerful presence in my
room and a great voice spoke to
me about Truth. Since that day I
have been guided by "forces" and
I have a special relationship
with truth that frees me of all

I know that these days it is
fashionable to speak ill of The
Lord, but I have always drawn
benefit from my special
relationship with Lord Satan."