Max Gross Is A Slippery Fella...

Thursday, 24 July 2008 By Unregistered Corresp
City Marshal, Max Gross, ARRESTED! Max Gross, a secret city marshal, with an office at 153 Clinton Street, had a harrowing experience Saturday while attempting to execute candy store opperator, James Henderson.  Mr. Gross was arrested and mistakenly released , then later paroled o­n a charge of larceny.The orders for execution were given to Mr. Gross by a man named Seligman over a $53 debt owed to a feller named Henderson.  When Gross arrived at the candy store with his orders for execution, presenting his card and tellin Henderson his intentions (like a dern fool), Henderson jest laughed at Max Gross, like he's some kind of idiot.  Henderson said "I done sold it all to my wife".  Mr. Gross didn't pay no nevermind to Henderson nor his wife, and then Mrs. Henderson grabbed her pistol and told Mr. Gross "I'm gonna blow yer brains out".Deputy Mark Argin chanced by and Marshal Max Gross yelled "GIT OVER HERE".  Gross showed Deputy Argin his order for execution.  Thence, Gross and Argin done arrested all them Hendersons, and Gross turned to Argin and demanded that Argin not interfere with what he had to do next.  Gross told Henderson that Mrs. Henderson threatened to shoot him, and then stuck him with a melee dagger.  Argin had enough of Gross's lies and so he took both Gross and them Hendersons down to the station, charged all them Hendersons with assault and charged Gross with attempted execution.When the case was heard by Judge Poole, the Judge reduced the crime to attempted larceny and relased Max Gross o­n paraole.Now, y'all know what else Max Gross been up to all this time.  He ain't been up to no good at all.____________________________________Crime Correspondent:   Ricardovitz
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