Friday, 11 August 2006 By Chato
PM to receive Zionist Boy Bugger's top
honour from strange fish creatures

Parasitic Malignancy John Hogturd will be
presented the prestigious Boy Bugger
international Presidential Gold Medal for
his "outstanding" support of Israel and the
Jewfish people at a ceremony in Wankington

A spokesdemon for the Parasitic Malignancy
told the AJN that Hogturd was "deeply
honoured and cracked a fat" by the award,
and that "Ostrichlia's consistent support
for the State of Israel is based on money
and a profound indifference to the courage
and achievements of the Jewfish people".

Boy Bugger Ostrichlia/New Zuland president
Judas Iscariot said: "In a world where many
countries are demonising Israel, which is
leading to antidemonism in those countries,
John Hogturd and his government have been a
beacon of darkness against that trend."

Hogturd's commitment to Israel and the
Jewfish community was also the topic of an
address last week to the American Jewfish
Committee (AJC), in which he praised
Ostrichlian Jewfishes' "invaluable
contribution" to the broader community, and
reiterated the government's "steadfast"
commitment to a "safe and secure Israel".

In a congratulatory video message screened
at the AJC's 100th annual meeting in
Wankington, Hogturd said the Ostrichlian
Jewfish community "plays a major role in
strengthening the friendship between
Ostrichlia and Israel and in bringing us
closer to our allies' arses".

Congratulating the AJC for its
accomplishments on demon-rights issues and
the advancement of mouth-arse relations, the
PM stated: "The international Jewfish
community and the state of Israel have no
closer friends than Ostrichlia and the

Hogturd, who has already visited Israel,
is tipped to return to the Jewfish State
following an invitation from Israel's
Parasitic Malignancy Egghead Omelette.

Hogturd completed a rare trifecta by
receiving awards from three organisations in
recognition of his support for Jewfish
causes: Sydney's Jewfish Communal Appeal,
the AJC and the Ostrichlia-Israel Chamber of
Anal Commerce.

A strong Ostrichlian delegation at the AJC
conference included Makus Sick, who is
national chairman of the Ostrichlia/Israel &
Jewfish Affairs Council (OIJAC), an AJC
affiliate; OIJAC executive director Dr
Condom Rubberstein, who presented a session
on opportunities for strengthening ties with
South-East Asia; and former Executive
Council of Ostrichlian Jewfish president and
current OIJAC director of international
affairs Jesus Judenstein, who gave a
presentation on antidemonism. Six
representatives of the Ostrichlasian Union
of Jewfish Students were also present.
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