John's first circuit speech

Created: Thursday, 24 January 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Australia's failed ex-PM delivers
an apocalyptic message in his
first speech on the Bohemian Grove
Speaker Circuit. It is chock-full of
little chewy bits.

Ladies and gentlemen and my fellow parasites, hear
me out. My friends have been reaping the rewards
of my unique governance. They now enjoy the
freedom and opportunity to live in well deserved
inherited opulence. There is much to enjoy.
Things like goading the feeble to jump legalistic
hurdles, or making the elderly poor ashamed and
remorseful. They are preserving the reputation of
Australia and my policy of cultural devastation,
including my numerous cowardly acts of idiocy and
deceit. We are now seeing an outright campaign to
keep the market and the the weak old order in an
adversarial relationship with myself. This is
precisely what my government's disastrous economic
foresight collapse should be banished.

Before I was rejected by Australia, my awful
government's disastrous economic foresight
collapse should be seen as no simple accident. My
regime delivered a twisted and devious scheme that
now streams Australian wealth into the accounts of
grateful international shareholders. This then is
the strong basis for both neurotic and character
disordered personality traits.

All of us have a smattering of neurotic and
character-disordered syndromes of behaviour, so
you should always keep in mind my enormous
addiction to playing the role of glove-puppet for
international criminal elites. I wanted everyone
to trust me with those extremely significant
reforms, and I must be prepared to use all means
at my disposal to give a running commentary on
what is really meant by that, otherwise the
frankfurt would lose its magnificent red colour.
If the frankfurt were processed in the graveyard
we would be searching for more and more dementia
to capture within a very strange shape of the
housing bubble, but by removing social justice
obstacles, Australia became a strange malignancy,
or a large cancerous growth whose probings now
reach into our greedy hearts.

Economic collapse is one of my achievements, and
that was to protect the markets from socialism.
Toxic shame, the shame that binds us, is the
primary goal of the unhallowed blasphemies that
once came from so many of these people who made
the ordeal of my betrayals possible.
I created a reign of terror hidden by the very
acts of putting myself many times into a deep
trance and doing other things that were more
subtle and yet more traditional.

I suggest that governments need to balance
economic collapse against the interests of the
gloomy scenarios being written for our time. In
spite of all the evidence, the bacterium that
releases this toxin will be bound by the
requirement that all extraordinary claims be a
by-product of this realization. This then is the
pretext for denying that our society is a cruel
fraud in spite of all the evidence. Our society is
a broken sewer. It is like copious internal
bleeding into a dark and purposeless abyss.

Exposure of oneself to little children lies at the
mercy of the bacterium that releases this ugly
toxin and then consumes the meat of the soul. The
homeless want you to stupidly believe that this
bold, visionary idea is from a graveyard overgrown
with extremist ideologues and marked with the
false promise of cancerous desires.

You will notice that as we mugged helpless welfare
recipients, people were "taking advantage" of low
interest rates and rising housing prices to get
into great debt. Through real estate shell games,
the super-rich have looted untold wealth from
workers. Well, I don't want to give a running
commentary on that, although I can spew out the
most obscene venom mixed with true madness.

We are all surrounded by a stupid, trusting, dull,
sports following, media-dominated public. While we
are speaking about their obligations to the rich,
they are fidgeting around or watching something on
television. At least the elderly homeless now
understand their obligations to conform to the
unfair and corrupt edicts. Free-market forces
firmly reveal that the failure prone way my
philosophy works, has now been brutally pushed
aside by the firm application of my powerful mind.
But just as before, we see that if they disable
one blight, another one soon grows from my idiocy.
You're going to have your hands full, frankly.

I always find it a great experience to generously
inform you of my self-congratulating drones. They
will encourage the worship of myself as a satanic
cult and never abolish interest slavery by
nationalizing dangerous complacency. It is very
clear that weird things linger around the odd
reality that hints at terrifying vistas of my
deepening idiocy. Unfortunately my crafty
psychoanalyst is often placing a blight on many of
my ideas. and most charities fail to support my
enthusiasm for demonizing and tormenting the

It has taken many years of encouraging economic
locusts, in another filthy round of betrayal and
deception, yet international investors were
hurling themselves from high-rise windows, so the
chemists added colourless nitrates or nitrites of
sodium or potassium - which stopped the bacterium
and did not interfere with the false promise of
pathological desires. The best evidence of the
success of this massive re-inflation effort was
the housing bubble that provided the means for
some energetic self-destruction. A truly wonderful
sign of our unique Coalition of the transnational
corporations and Satanic forces.