Created: Thursday, 22 August 2013 Written by Raspberry Cordial
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Osama Bin Laden may be rusting in Davy Jones locker but he left a lasting legacy in flesh and blood. He had so many wives, and children innumerable. Including countless sons…


osama wife 3

One of Osama Bin Laden's wives...


How much longer do we have to wait till one of his boys go JIHAD for DAD?!?!?

I have always thought the only advantage of Osama's ill begotten religion was the fact that you could marry more than one woman. For we all know you can fuck an ugly woman at least once, but you can’t fuck a beautiful woman forever…

Christ old Osama sure used this rule a lot - Look how many he had. And look how many boys! They are out there, like a ticking time bomb they are waiting to go off.

Where are they? Why aren’t they tagged?

osama wife 1

Here is another one. Unbelievable - the life that pevert Osama led.


We live in a funk of fear of jihadi wannabes; what is being done about this brood of them?

Forget about intercepting some poof’s Brazilian toyboy; why aren’t those clowns in Whitehall and Langley Field on to these guys???

I know I am going to wake up one day to news of a new atrocitry by Osama’s boys. And you can bet it will be the bleating lefties to blame. Inhibiting our security agencies work with their cries of 'civil liberties' and 'civil rights'.

osama wife 2

Even space women couldn't resist Osama's smokey charm and snake like penis.


Fuck that! Target the ones we know are gunna go off.


And do it now for fucks sake; before we all suffer the consequences.