What can Indian PM Modi teach the West?

Friday, 19 September 2014 By New Delhi Desk

He is the new leader of a vibrant and dynamic country that is rapidly climbing up the economic ladder to success.

Experts and scholars agree that Narendra Modi is a unique talent who will change the face of India, and perhaps the world, forever. 

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So, from his perch atop the Indian colossus what can PM Modi teach the moribund and morally depraved societies of the West about the New World Order of the 21st century? 

To find out we went to visit him at his humble 3 story abode in downtown Delhi. In an exclusive off the cuff interview this tyrant expounded on his views that the lazy buggers of the West needed a firm whip hand to control them if they wanted to maintain their first world lifestyles in the future… 

On the benefits of the Caste System...

“We in India enjoy a perpetually poor and exploitable class… Our dynamic entrepreneurs are using them to build untold riches; have they thought about that in your country?” 

Living a healthy lifestyle...

“I and many Indians eat vegetarian food only, and I think we can all see the benefit of it. Meanwhile the white man poisons himself with the flesh and blood of animals. Besides the bad karma, what about the harm to the environment their uncontrolled flatulence causes? Have you been in a room of fat Americans eating steak? I tell you the atmosphere is ghastly!” 

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Modi says that this hippy could benefit from less meat and more greens.

On the Islam question...

“Here in India we have had to deal with this for a long time... Well, personally there are some I don’t like, and these are usually the ones that don’t shave.”

bearded mullah

The unshaved face of terrorist threat in India?

 The Indian diaspora...

“The way our people are treated in your countries is a disgrace. And if we recall our people home; what then for the bankrupt West? Who will you get your midnight snacks from?”

 apu indian

He leaves then what for the lard arses of America?

 On Indian science and Technology...

“Our genius is well known. Of course in the past we invented Mathematics, and even today Indian science is leading the world. Take a look at our new potato we made. It will feed billions."

indian spudThe Indian Potato.

 Is there a place for Australia in the 21st Century...

"I will be blunt and say that I doubt there is room in the new 21st Century Asian economies for white man countries like Australia. In any case some of the people there are dreadful; have you read the comments on that buffoon Andrew Bolt's blog page? I have; these people have the brain the size of a pea..."


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